Binding Sites Prediction of TetR Family Repressors

This server can be used to predict DNA binding sites for transcription factors of TetR Family Repressors (TFRs). Two methods as described in the reference at the end of this page are used: a genome sequence-based method which uses ideas of phylogenetic footprinting, and a statistical energy-based method which calculates sequence energies of DNA octamers given the amino acid sequences of TFRs. Without user-provided DNA sequences, TFBSs are predicted as genome sequence fragments near the ORF of a query TFR, and as octamer DNA sequences and sequence logos representing predicted half binding sites of a query TFR. If a DNA sequence is provided by user, the given DNA sequence will be scanned for most possible TFBSs.

For detailed descripstion of the method, please read the references.

The source code and demos can be downloaded here.

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  • Pengpeng Long, Lu Zhang, Bin Huang, Quan Chen, Haiyan Liu*, Integrating Genome Sequence and Structural Data for Statistical Learning to Predict Transcription Factor Binding Sites (to be published)